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Take a look at our Partner program and you'll realize the outstanding business value delivered by LogicalBit Corporation. We offer you more ways to profit delivering an unmatched quality software.



Become an Eimas School Administrative Software expert with online training Courses are available for multiple focus areas and modules.


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We are committed with you for the best possible service and support. Our high-quality support and service offerings make sure you always have an expert consultant to call when you need our help.

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LogicalBit Corporation is a computer software development company providing school administrative software products since 1999. Logicalbit Corporation has been committed to providing applications for schools , private and public, elementary to secondary.

Our client list includes scools from 100 students to more than 5000. All of our products demonstrate an excellent record of accomplishment and are backed by knowledgeable and professional technical support.

Our commitment at LogicalBit Corporation is to create easy-to-use, cost-effective and technically superior solutions that enable educational institutions to manage all aspects of school management from finace, classes, professors admissions to school events calendar.

Excellence in Education

Enrollment, retention and the rigors of 24/7 operations continue to challenge today’s largest higher education providers.

In an era of increasing competition, regulation and global opportunity, achieving institutional excellence requires uniform best practices across all campuses and brands.

LogicalBit Corporation has long served some of the fastest growing educational institutions. Explore how our technology and expertise can help you sustain your competitive advantage.
Our solutions are efficient, scalable, enhance operations and serve students better!

School Administrative Software

Extensive experience built over the years
of activity has allowed LogicalBit to become a leader in delivering to educational institutions administrative software solutions.

EimasOnline Administrative and EimasOnline Gradebook software are the perfect choice for all types of schools and district, private and public, elementary to secondary.

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. Customer satisfaction and the ability for people to enhance their work and lives drives LogicalBit to develop always better solutions.

At LogicalBit we're passionate about our work. Our rewards are the satisfaction of a job well done, achieving results and taking things to a higher level...”

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