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EimasOnline is a Comprehensive and Reliable Solution that will help your School Increase Performance, Raise Students Achievement, Increase Parents Involvement and Teachers Effectiveness

  • Increase Students Retention
  • Increase Parents Satisfaction
  • Increase Attendance
  • Save Teachers Time
  • Position your School as a leader in your market area
  • Analysis tools help administrators make rapid decisions
  • Track academic progress within district.
  • Create report cards and transcripts
  • Simplify classroom administration
  • Reduces school Operational Costs

You will benefit from… lower communication costs with parents, saving teachers time , increased students satisfaction , increased students retention , increased attendance , increased parents satisfaction and market leadership positioning to competitors .

With EimasOnline your school, teachers, students and parents can benefits in multiple ways. The service is extremely easy to configure and it will position you as a premiere education school within your market area .

Why is EimasOnine different from other schools administrative systems?

  • Because you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to verify if the system works for you!
  • Because with eimasOnline you don’t incur in any risk. With EimasOnline you try the system before buying it and, if at any time you want to change, the only thing you have to do is download your students database and import your data in any other system. You don’t risk anything and can boost performance in your school starting right now!
  • Because it is comprehensive, reliable, easy to use and secure.
  • Because you can start right away using the software and you don't have to wait for weeks or months!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
  • Can we buy the EimasOnline School Administration Software? Can we have the system running in our server? Yes. We can sell you the system and set up your server/lan. Just contact us for a quote and details.
  • Can we access the system from anywhere? EimasOnline gives you unparalleled access to our software products directly through any Internet connection – from the classroom, the office, the home, or almost anywhere.
    . .
  • We already have a students database. Is it possible to import our database to our school administration software? Yes. Almost any database format can be imported to EimasOnline. Contact us for import details and specifications.
  • Do you offer trainings? Yes. We offer multiple trainings for our school administration software and Gradebook. Contact us for more information.
  • Do you offer support for the school administration software implementation? Yes. We will guide you step by step during the system implementation. To assure the proper implementation we will identify with you a project manager at your school and we will notify weekly all system activities performed by your personnel . We want to assure you that the system is being used properly, and consistently. A progress report during the implementation will be sent to you by email weekly.
  • Is it possible to customize our School Administration Software ? Yes. Many customization are possible like Custom Fields creation, Reports text and language, Grades columns calculation and more. If you need a special customization just contact us for more information about this service.
  • What should I do to start using the system? Subscribe, go to your email for confirmation information, log to EimasOnline and start entering students!
  • What kind of reports does EimasOnline use? Our school administration software uses Microsoft SQL reporting technology. All reports can be exported to Excel or PDF format. Transcripts, Grades, Progress reports can be translated to different languages and multiple fields can be selected or unselected during printing to allow maximum flexibility.

Top 10 Reason to Get Started Now
  1. As you read this, other schools are already using technology to increase performance, retention, satisfaction.
  2. By using EimasOnline you can easily get vital information for all your administrative decision .
  3. You’re probably spending a lot of time, money, and energy on unprofitable advertising and promotional activities.
  4. You will increase students retention rate with statistic information and other EimasOnline tools.
  5. You will increase parents satisfaction and involvement.
  6. Raise Students Achievement and Attendance.
  7. Enhance communication and lower communication costs with Parents, Teachers, Students with online messaging.
  8. You could be using an obsolete, ineffective administrative system.
  9. Lower Operational costs.
  10. Your School will remain behind if it doesn’t use technology soon.

Extensive experience built over the years
of activity has allowed LogicalBit to become a leader in delivering to educational institutions administrative software solutions.

EimasOnline Administrative and EimasOnline Gradebook software are the perfect choice for all types of schools and district, private and public, elementary to secondary.

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. Customer satisfaction and the ability for people to enhance their work and lives drives LogicalBit to develop always better solutions.

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