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Why is EimasOnline Unique?

Eimasonline is a unique solution different from any other school management system.

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School Management Software ...for Students, Parents, Administrators, Teachers .

Manage Students Demographics/Lists
Grades and Attendance Management
Report Cards, Student Progress Reports
Student Financial Transactions
Admissions, Counselor, Health Records
Students/School Statistics Chart, Reports
Digital Documents
Email with Parents/Students
Online Gradebook Solution
Assignment and Homework
Online Grades and Attendance
Gradebook for your teachers
Online Students Attendance
Online School Calendar
Students Progress Reports
Parents/Teachers Messaging

School Management Software

Grow your own business with eimasonline software installed in your server ... with this option you can sell directly to schools, receive payments directly from schools and pay based on the number of schools you are serving... partners information


Interested in the complete source code of Eimas for window (VB.NET 2008) application? You can have the source code and change anything in the application to fit your school presents and future needs . Having the source code is the only way to protect your investment thru time.

Increase Your School Performance, Raise Students Achievement, Increase Parents Involvement, Increase Teachers Effectiveness!

The best School Management Software for your school!

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Buy Eimas Complete Source Code for Window. ( VB.NET 2008) You can buy the complete source code of eimas for window, version 2008 and change anything you desire to fit your school needs or to resell.

The Best School Administration Software for your School

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