Not just a gradebook...this is a complete solution for your school

" Benefit from Eimasonline! Raise student achievement, increase parents involvement, increase teachers effectiveness..."

With EimasOnline your school, teachers, students and parents can benefits in multiple ways. The service is extremely easy to configure and it will position you as a premiere education school within your market area.

You will benefit from…lower communication costs with parents, saving teachers time, increased students satisfaction, increased students retention, increased attendance and retention rates , increased parents satisfaction and market leadership positioning to competitors… don’t wait!

EimasOnline is a set of web-based tools for educators allowing them to manage their classes online while providing parents and students with 24/7 real-time online class information. It's private, secure, and unbelievably easy to use.

Excellence in Education

Enrollment, retention and the rigors of 24/7 operations continue to challenge today’s largest higher education providers.

LogicalBit Corporation has long served some of the fastest growing educational institutions. Explore how our technology and expertise can help you sustain your competitive advantage.
Our solutions are efficient, scalable, enhance operations and serve students better!


Committed to Quality

LogicalBit places a great deal of emphasis on customer satisfaction, derived from its commitment to excellent quality products.

For Teachers

ü Online Assignment Calendar . Easily upload files, post homework and list class events so students and parents can access them 24/7.

ü Quickly calculate grades for student report cards.

ü Gradebook . Easily customize your gradebook to your exact grading system.

ü Instant Progress Reports . Give students and parents get real-time, 24/7 access to their grades. Easily print paper reports anytime you like.

ü Secure Online Messaging . Safely connect with students and parents online to answer questions in a private and spam-free environment.

ü Attendance Book . Quickly enter attendance based on your school's marking system easily export reports.

ü Saves teacher time preparing for student classes.

ü Safe, Secure . EimasOnline keeps all of your and your students' information private, and it's completely secure.

For Administrators


ü Connect with Teachers . Easily message all of your teachers from EimasOnline's web-based messaging system. Allow teachers to easily message each other from their accounts.

ü Implement Quickly and Easily . All of EimasOnline's services are hosted on our website, you only need to install our gradebook and just sign up.

ü Access & Manage Classes . Quickly view grades, attendance.

For Students and Parents

ü A ssignment and homework instructions online.

ü Download files your teacher has made available to help you with your work.

ü Check your grades , attendance, online.

ü Integrated and private messaging system.

ü Exchange messages with your teacher .

ü You can review grades for the past month or any previous semester.

ü School events calendar .

ü School online news .

Eimas Gradebook

Eimas Gradebook is a Microsoft DotNet database application that allows students and instructors alike to track and manage course grades. The application allows users to dynamically create new courses, student records, attendance, assignment entries and much more.

Eimas Gradebook is as easy to use as your paper gradebook  and you can easily keep students and parents informed using Eimas Gradebook printed and online reports.

Do you need a complete School Administrative Software? Eimas, is the trusted choice for school management.

This unique system was created using Microsoft technology, SQL database and .NET programming language allowing top of the line performance and flexibility.
Eimas is the perfect choice for all types of schools and district, private and public, elementary to secondary and post-secundary.

Proven to Deliver Results Faster

LogicalBit Corp. has earned a near-perfect client retention rate, due in large part to a culture that empowers its individuals to share in, and then relentlessly pursue, each customer’s vision. The architecture of our implementation has helped hundreds of diverse campuses to achieve results faster.

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